About Us
School Emergency Response Coalition


The School Emergency Response Coalition (SERC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was formed by Kevin McGraw, a Security Officer with Amway Corporation's Protection Services Department who is also a firefighter/EMT Basic and AHSI Certified CPR and AED Instructor. The goal of SERC is to fund life-saving CPR and AED training for public school students and provide AEDs to schools in need.

Chairman, Mark Fankhauser is a Captain with the Grand Rapids Fire Department, a Paramedic Instructor/Coordinator, who is also an AHSI/AHA Certified instructor.

Using $4,000 in out-of-pocket funds, $1,300 from the sales of MI HEARTSafe School T-shirts, and a donation of $26,250 from Amway Corporation, the pilot program, Students United Prepared Emergency Responders (SUPER CPR & AED training), kicked off with freshman class at Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, MI on November 9, 2015.


The Objective

  • Partner with schools, businesses, EMS providers, and public safety agencies to provide CPR and AED training to school students, thereby providing new, life-long, potentially life-saving skills and increasing the population of CPR and AED trained individuals.
  • Provide AEDs to schools that cannot afford them and especially to those in rural areas to increase the chances of survival should a student, faculty member, or visitor go into sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Introduce students to the various career options available in public service and safety.

The Opportunity

  • Share our curriculum for SUPER CPR & AED Training.
  • Research funding sources to support SUPER CPR & AED Training.
  • Network and partner with public safety agencies and schools to provide volunteers for SUPER CPR & AED Training.
  • Create and maintain social media forums to promote SUPER CPR & AED Training.

The Impact

  • Students trained with life-long, life-saving skills.
  • Students acquire knowledge of various careers in public service and safety.
  • Students interaction with emergency response professionals helps overcome bias or hesitation in approaching them when help is needed.
  • Increased chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with the potential to save lives via the SUPER (Students United Prepared Emergency Responders) CPR & AED Training Program and introduce them to a career path in public safety and service.

The First Week

The first week of SUPER CPR & AED training is comprised of professionals in the EMS and nursing fields who volunteer to talk to students about the variety of career options within these fields.

Giving freshman the chance to interact directly with police, fireman, and other emergency response professionals helps them to overcome hesitations they may have in approaching these individuals.

Interacting directly with EMS professionals helps students overcome perceived stereotypes. It also reinforces with students that if they don't like the way something is within our system, they have the opportunity to learn a trade and be the difference they want to see in the world.


The Second Week


During the second week, students receive infant and adult CPR & AED training. In our first session, sixty-three of approximately 90 freshman students received their CPR certification cards, and ten AEDs were purchased and donated to Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The program has received acclaim within and outside of the Grand Rapids Public School District.

A Message From Our Founder

"Our children are the most important part of our lives. The objectives of SERC are not only possible, but they are designed to keep everyone safe. The donation of AED's to schools, coupled with the proper training we provide enables our students and staff to be confident in their ability to help save a life, not only at their schools, but in their homes, communities, and places of worship.

With the School Emergency Response Coalition, we can raise awareness and funding for all Michigan schools to keep everyone safe through CPR training and having AEDs readily available."

- Kevin Mcgraw, Founder


School Emergency Response Coalition

We are a 501(c)3 charitable, non-profit group composed of multiple organizations from the emergency services, public school, and civic sectors.

SERC’s Students United Prepared Emergency Responder (SUPER) CPR & AED Training Program provides students with both the CPR requirements necessary for graduation and additional benefits other programs lack.